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The Collaborative Group for Psychodermatology in Canada

Founded in 2022, our group of health care professionals, from different backgrounds and from all around the world, sincerely hopes that psychodermatology will be implemented in Canada as an integral sub-specialty of dermatology.


To improve the quality of care and the quality of life of patients. To facilitate collaboration amongst dermatologists, psychiatrists, family physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, social workers and any other health professional with a particular interest in psychodermatology.


To bring a global approach to the treatment of patients in dermatology all across Canada, through a bio-psycho-social model.  To offer access to all Canadians to a multidisciplinary team in order to help them to better accept their chronic skin condition.

Scope of functioning:

We would like for all dermatological offices to provide patient services, using a bio-psycho-social approach, eliminating all obstacles in access to quality healthcare. 

We strive  to be as impactful as possible in pioneering the changes needed to change the lives of all those affected by a dermatological condition in Canada.

We bring together a variety of dedicated professionals who work relentlessly to transform the Canadian healthcare system for the benefit of all dermatological patients.

We encourage the exchange of knowledge, know-how and expertise of partners in a lively work environment in order to achieve our objectives.

We promote the creation and adoption of psychodermatology by attracting the best brains in the world.

We nurture relationships with most patient organizations in Canada - building dialogue with decision-makers from the Atlantic to the Pacific in order to promote patient-centric healthcare.

Partnership with APMNA :

Aware of the importance of working together, we have become the Canadian representatives of the APMNA , hence forging a strong bond in implementing Psychodermatology all across the North American continent.

We have formed a partnership with the APMNA in order to collaborate on important projects, share our knowledge and collectively advocate for improved treatment of patients in the psychodermatological field in North America. We all envision a world in which patients with a dermatological disease / skin trauma can easily access the psychodermatological care and treatment they need and are not stigmatized or suffer from an economic disadvantage due to their condition.

Contact information:

Sarah Allard-Puscas (English/French)

Email :

Phone: 514-416-7556

Website :

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