APMNA 2013

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  • Robert Norman, MD (FL),narrating his "Stories of Skin"
  • Francisco, Tausk MD, (NY) presenting his research on glucocorticoid mediation of stress in mouse model of psoriasis.
  • Richard Granstein, MD (NY), lecturing on Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Reena Shah, PhD from UK, talking about the use of systemic family therapy in skin disorders.
  • Rick Fried, MD, PhD talking about "From dysesthesia to dysmorphia"
  • Jennifer Gordon, MD from Austin, TX, presenting her research finding on the use of botulinum toxin in neurotic excoriations
  • Jennifer Gordon, Rick Fried and Jason Reichenberg during a break
  • Richard Granstein, Manuel Grau, Thelda Kestenbaum and Mohammad Jafferany during a break
  • Richard Granstein, Manual Grau, Thelda Kestenbaum and Francisco Tausk during a break
  • Meeting participants during a break
  • Peter Koblenzer (PA), Francoise Poot (Belgium), M. Shekari Yazdi (PA) and Caroline Koblenzer (PA) during a break
  • Noorulain Aqeel (CA), Irshad Ahmed (CT) and M. Shekari Yazdi (PA) during a break
  • Patrick Dominguez, MD presenting his research findings about depression and risk of psoriasis in US women
  • M. Shekari Yazdi MD, PhD talking about Adlerian view of body dysmorphic disorder
  • Scott Davis, BA (NC)presenting the results of research findings on psychology and behavior of psoriasis patients treated with biologics.
  • Makoto Hashiro, MD, PhD from Japan presenting a case of factitious disorder
  • Manuel Grau from Spain presenting his research findings on the role of dominant parents in skin diorders
  • Participants of the meeting during lunch break
  • Francoise Poot (Belgium) and Thelda Kestenbaum (KS)during lunch break
  • Reena Shah (England), Josie Howard (CA) and Scott Davis (NC) during lunch break.
  • Simon Wong (Vancouver, BC, Daniel Kusner, Francisco Tausk during a break
  • Participants during lunch break
  • Rick Fried, Jason Reichenberg, Evan Reider and Patrick Dominguez during lunch break
  • Medical students and fellows from UCSF during the lunch break.
  • Irshad Ahmed, Noorulain Aqeel, and M. Shekari Yazdi during lunch break
  • Irshad Ahmed (CT), Mohammad Jafferany (MI) and Noorulain Aqeel (CA) during a break
  • Philip Shenefelt and Daniel Kusner during a break
  • Mohammad Jafferany, Peter Koblenzer, Caroline Koblenzer and Makoto Hashiro during a break
  • Reena Shah, Peter Koblenzer, Caroline Koblenzer, Makoto Hashiro and Mohammad Jafferany during a break
  • Reena Shah, Peter Koblenzer, Caroline Koblenzer, Makoto Hashiro and Reiko Sakai during a break
  • Kristina Gorbatenko presenting her research findings on difficult physician-patient communicatiions
  • Jacek Sczepeitowski from Poland discussing the psychosocial consequences of Vitiligo
  • Philip Shenefelt presenting his research findings on hypnosis and guided imagery during dermatologic procedures
  • Peter Koblenzer, discussing his experiences about being an externist abroad
  • Dr.Francoise Poot from Belgium discussing "what is new in Psychodermatology".
  • Monica Huynh from UCSF, presenting her talk on stress and inflammatory skin disease
  • Daniel Butler from UCSF presenting his talk on Effects of psoriasis on quality of life
  • Ethan Levin, MD presenting his talk on Delusion of Parasitosis and its pharmacological management
  • Prof. John Koo looking at breakfast hungrily
  • Scott Davis in a pleasant mood

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